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Burn Camp 2023

August 2-6th
This year’s theme: Black & Silver
Burn Camp 25th Anniversary


The Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp is a summer camp provided free of charge for children from 6-16 that have suffered major burns or disfiguring injuries at any point in their lives requiring hospitalization.

Burn Camp offers a chance for child burn survivors to make new and life-long friends with other burn survivors, in a setting of love, support, and unconditional acceptance. Adult burn survivors donate their time to show these children that their scars do not limit their ability to succeed in life and to help others.


Burn Camp is held each year in August but this years locations is a little different. Instead of having camp at Frontier Cove, it is being held at Camp Egan in Tahlequah. 


Camp Egan is a professionally staffed facility that allows campers to enjoy a variety of outdoor and indoor activities. These activities include swimming, kayaking, arts and crafts, hiking, and much more! Campers also get to hang out with firefighters from across the state of Oklahoma!


Counselors at this camp consist of adult burn survivors, firefighters, nurses, burn techs, teachers, and other professionals from all walks of life. We maintain a 2:1 camper-counselor ratio. Counselors are chosen very carefully with full background checks performed. Oklahoma Firefighters Burn Camp is a 100% volunteer, non-profit organization.


If you know of a child burn survivor that would benefit from attending Burn Camp, or if you would like more information on volunteering, please call (918) 698-8812, or e-mail us at




The button below will download the boaters application information sheet. 

Oklahoma FireFighters Burn Camp also gives away scholarships each year to campers who are/will be attending college. The scholarships are $4,000 for a full-time students and $2,000 for part-time students. If you are interested in applying for these scholarships, click either icon below to download the application.

Email the completed application to

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