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Like any organization, we need people in charge to keep us all on track. Here are Burn Camp's Executive Board members.

Jennifer Parham: Director
Jennifer is a physical therapist for Alexander Burn Center in Hillcrest Medical Center and has been since 1992. She volunteered the first year of camp in 1999 as a counselor. Her next step was becoming assistant director in 2004. Jennifer then became our director in 2018

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Growing and maintaining volunteer and camper database

  • General administration which includes over-seeing volunteers and campers

  • Recruit volunteers to achieve goals of our organization

  • Recruit campers

  • Maintain volunteer and camper applications

  • Communicate with parents, campers, and volunteers 

  • Assist with organization of special events and fundraising opportunities


Contact information:
PO Box 287

Owasso, OK 74055


Assistance Director: Tammy Wagoner

Tammy found out about camp while working as a Physical Therapist at Hillcrest Medical Center in the burn unit. She volunteered at Burn Camp in 2000 as a counselor and fell in love! After several years of counseling, Tammy transitioned into the camper liaison position on our board. She then accepted the position of treasurer in 2015 to then move to assistant director in 2018. Tammy currently works for a home health company as Regional Rehab director. 

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Supporting and filling in for director when applicable

  • Sends out counselor and volunteer applications

  • Support for counselor and camper liaison during camp

  • Collaborates to make decisions for the betterment of our camp


Contact information:


Brian Henderson: Secretary

Brian is a full-time associate at Wal-Mart at in Bixby for over 33 years. Brian became involved with camp as a counselor in 2005 and as a volunteer for several years after that. He accepted the secretary position on the Executive Board in February 2021.  

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Taking meeting notes

  • Writing "Thank You" letters to businesses/people who have donated to our camp

  • Purchasing the camper, counselor, and volunteer of the week awards for our camp every year

  • Collaborates to make decisions for the betterment of our camp

  • Plans the camper/counselor trip to the National Burn Camp in Washington, D.C.

  • Plans the trip for volunteers to go to the Phoenix Society World Burn Congress yearly Convention


Contact information:


Treasurer: Jennifer Arrowsmith

Works at Utica Park Clinic as an LPN in the Orthopedic Surgery clinic. She first became involved with Burn Camp as a volunteer nurse. 


Responsibilities include the following: ​

  • Book keeping 

  • Organizing the fishing tournament/fishing day during our camp


Contact information:​



Rachelle Goddard: Public Relations

Rachelle is a Surgical Technologist at Coffeyville Regional Medical Center. She became involved with Burn Camp at 9 years old as a camper. She then moved into a counselor position, to activities and scholarship director, and now on the Eboard. She has been involved with camp for over 21 years.

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Making sure Burn Camp is up to date on all regulations 

  • Catching and correcting any bad press involving Burn Camp

  • Co Directing the activities for Burn Camp

  • Scholarship Applicants

  • Overseeing all Public events involving Burn Camp


Contact information:​



Fundraising Chair: Mike Parham

Mike worked at the Tulsa Fire Department for 33 years before retiring as captain in October 2021. He officially became involved wuth burn Camp in 2014 as a volunteer. In 2018 he accepted the position of fundraising chair on the Executive Board. 

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Cooperate Fundraising

  • Writing Grants

  • Procuring goods and services for camp and everything it encompasses

  • Oversee and collaborate with the fundraising committee for events 

  • Collaborate to make decisions for the betterment of our camp

Contact information:​


Logistics Chair: Brandon Rake

Brandon works at the Collinsville fire department and has been involved in camp for 15 years. His hobbies are riding his Harley and working on his VW bug. 

Responsibilities include the following:

  • Making sure things get to their designated destinations before and during our camp

  • Figuring out logistics for every event we have and every part of camp

  • Cracking jokes every chance he gets


Contact information:

Advisory Board Members

The Advisory board consists of past E-board members including Larry Bowles, Scotty Stokes, and Tom Wintle. The advisory board helps solve problems centered around the camp and also come up with new ideas. They are also available for consolation year-round.

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